Draw all men unto me

“I will draw all men to Me”
By Reinhard Bonnke
Christ’s foes, consumed with jealousy plotted His
Pinned down like an animal, beaten out of recognition,
In agony, Jesus was lifted up on a cross for mockery.
But He had said “If I be lifted up I will draw all men to
unto me”.
And there was one man, right next to Him, a criminal
justly tried and crucified,
He was the first to be drawn and had Christ identified.
Staring at Jesus when dying, he recognized Him as
Savior for sure.
The pull of Christ from the cross had started to work like
a magnet or lure.
“Lord’, he said, “Remember me when you come into
your kingdom”.
Jesus took him very serious and opened his eyes for
The ‘dying thief’ became one of the Bible’s supreme
examples of faith,
It was faith in the saving grace of Christ he detected,
which others rejected.
Jesus “the Lamb on the throne as it had been slain”, the
Bible comments,
Will always bear His wounds ‘Received in the house of
His friends’.
It is the single most notable event of world history,
And His Cross the number one man-made thing, known
throughout eternity.


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